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Williams History Page 1

In the early 1950 Aunt Minnie let me copy her travel diary that she wrote in 1892.  She said that the two God Mothers Mentioned were nuns.   Aunt Myrtle said that the Cimarron River was crossed just south of Perkins.  She said that she was on the wagon when the river was crossed and she pulled her skirt up to her waist to try and keep from getting wet.  The spelling of the locations are hers.

Our Trip to Oklahoma from Kansas

By Minnie Williams, 16 years Old

Ottawa, Kansas

Thursday, Feb. 23, 1892

Childrens names: Cora Williams Ledford, Will, Ben, Minnie, Myrtle,  Hattie, Orie, and Ida O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Williams and family of eight children started to Okla. Feb. 23, 1892, got to Homewood, Kansas in the evening and stayed there all night.  And the next day it rained and snowed all day, cleared up in the evening, then we stayed all night, and started from Homewood Thursday Feb 25, 1892, came through Ransomville that morning and ate dinner west of Williamsburg on a creek Tuckwa.

Dock Ledfords folks hauled the goats. Brother Will rode Blue Jay horse of Mannings and it got to bucking and throwed him, but didn't hurt him much, the horse jumped a three wire fence but escaped being hurt, so when they caught him, they worked him to the wagon.  Well, that night, we got to Agricola, a town in Coffee County.  The roads was pretty bad in places. We started from Agricola Friday morning Feb. 25, 1892, got to Waverly town at 10 o'clock Friday and ate dinner in the big  road.

Friday night we camped on the prairie in a large pasture and old Ballie, our horse, got sick with the colic and nearly died, but is better.  This morning is Saturday and it is raining.  We ate dinner on Long Creek and had a good time, only Frank Ledford got sick, had a chill.  We came through Leroy town Saturday 27, 1892 in the evening and camped on the Neosho River and it is still raining and has been all day.  The river raised about 2 ft. that night.

Well, we drove eight miles Sunday Feb. 28, 1892 and camped on Cherry Creek.  We are in Woodson County now, Monday, Feb.29, 1892.  We ate dinner in Yeatescenter town and there is where we all met Uncle Bill Wheeler and the family and all was awful glad.  We all ate dinner together. We camped on prairie at the edge of a blackjack thicket, had a good time.

Tuesday, First day of March 1892.  We ate dinner on big Sandy Creek, we came through Middletown and Coyville the first day of March 1892 on Tuesday.  We ate in Ferdonia the second day of March 1892 and camped in Lafountaintown.

We are in Wilson County, we came through Elk City and through Havannatown. Thursday 3rd day of March 1892, we came through Caney-Ville, we are in Montgomery County, we crossed the Big Caney River at a ford we camped on Rock Creek and got to the Osage Agency.  We saw two God Mothers there.  We came through Grey horse town to day.

We came across the Arkansas River on the Pawhusky ferry boat, Sunday March 6, 1892.  We came through Ponee Agency.  We came through Stillwater and then came through a little town called Pain Center and we are in Pain County.  We got to Ioway Headquarters and stayed all night.  We left there we crossed Dugout Creek and one night we camped on Quapaw Creek.  The ford was Dead Mans Ford.  We crossed the Canadian River, Sunday, March 14, 1892.   Landed in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Note: Ernest Williams' Father and Uncle Ben both drew 160 acres during the Oklahoma "Run".  Ernest and Josephine lived on this Williams Addition land on North Harrison Street for over 50 Years. 

Story Courtesy of Janis Williams Collins


Mr. And Mrs. J. B. Williams are James B. Williams and Sarah Stickleman Williams

Dock Ledford was a Medical Doctor, his first name was probably Frank.

The "God Mothers" were Nuns.

Uncle Bill (William) Wheeler was married to Emily Stickleman, the sister to Sarah Stickleman Williams

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