He gave his life for his country Dec. 28, 1863 near Rogersville, TN.

His final resting place is unknown

George enlisted in the Confederate Army on July, 1862 in Quallatown, NC.  He served with Thomas Legion as a Private in Company "F" known as "Conley's Sharpshooters".  He was transferred to the Regimental Commissary Dept. (F & S) on March 7, 1863 and promoted to Sergeant sometime later.  On Sept. 1, 1863, he was promoted to Ordnance Sergeant and transferred to the Regiment Staff (F & S).

Lt. Col. William W. Stringfield said in his papers  "Dec. 29 - Broke camp & moved toward Austin Mills & Russellville, TN.   Sgt. Geo. W. Bryson, Co. "F" died here a day or so ago. Splendid man."

And His Family, All seven of George's brothers served with the Confederate Army.

Bryson, John C.            Private, 62nd NC Infantry, Co. H.  He only served a short time and was discharged because of ill health.  His son, Samuel William Bryson took his place and died as a POW at Johnson Island, IL.

Bryson, Carson Patton      Captain, Enlisted as a Private in the 16th NC Infantry, Co. A.  Discharged and re-enlisted as a Captain (Asst. Commissary) in the 62nd NC Infantry, Co. H and later in the F&S.

Bryson, James Newton       Private, Thomas' Legion, Walkers Battalion, Co. A.  Wounded and lost a leg due to White's swelling.

Bryson, William Hamilton   1st Lieutenant, Enlisted with the 25th NC Infantry as a Sergeant, promoted to 1st Lieutenant and transferred to the 62nd NC Infantry, Co. H.

Bryson, Henry Houston      Private, 16th NC Infantry, Co. A, transferred to Thomas' Legion, 1st Co. A, transferred to the 39th NC Infantry, Co. K.

Bryson, Andrew Wilbur      Captain, Enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant with the 16th NC Inf. Co. A.  Transferred to Thomas' Legion, 1st Co. A  (1st Lt.), promoted to Captain and transferred to the 39th NC Infantry, Co. K.  Wounded at the Battle of Frayser's Farm, VA on 6/30/1862.

Bryson, Samuel Gallatin    Private, 62nd NC Infantry, Co. H.  Died as a POW in Camp Douglas, IL.

Other Interesting Family Connections and Facts

1. In addition, their sister Mary Ann Bryson married Jason Conley who served as a Private with Thomas' Legion, Co. F.    Jason Conley was a brother to Mary Elizabeth Conley, George Washington Bryson's wife.

2. Mary Elisabeth Conley's other brother Jessie Conley was a Private in Thomas' Legion, Co. A.   He was killed in action in 1863

3. George Washington Bryson's daughter Elmina Josephine Bryson married William Holland Thomas II, the son of Col. William Thomas, Commander of Thomas' Legion.  Elmina died of fever along with three of her daughters.

4. William Holland Thomas II, mother was Sara Jane Burney Love, the sister of Col. James R. Love, Commander of Loves' Regiment, Thomas' Legion and later Commander of Thomas' Legion.

5. Sara Jane Burney Love's sister Maria M. Love married Lt. Col. William Stringfield, Commander of Love's Regiment, Thomas' Legion.

6. Sara Jane Burney Love's brother was Capt. Mathew H. Love. Commander of the 2nd Co. A, Love's Regiment, Thomas' Legion.

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These Civil War pages are dedicated to my Great-Great-Grandfather

George Washington


Regimental Ordnance Sergeant

Company F

Love's Regiment

Thomas' Legion of Indians and Highlanders

North Carolina State Troops

Confederate States of America