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Sarah Ensley Bryson had a brother named Henry Dock Ensley who was married to a Mary "Molly" Elizabeth Nichols.  At some point Henry Ensley also died of Tuberculosis, died leaving Mary a widow.  Pender Mack Bryson who was also a widow married Mary Elizabeth Nichols.  She is said to be buried in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX.  Pender's Mother, Mary Elizabeth Conley-Bryson-Fisher and her husband Isaac Fisher also moved to Joplin. They helped take care of Pender's children.  The Fisher's are both buried in the Fairview Cem., in Joplin, MO.

Daughter Mary Artisha Bryson was waiting tables at a café in Eureka Springs, AR.  There she meet and later married Edward Roy Cooper.  Ed was working as a carpenter with Mary's' brother George.  They lived in Neosho and Joplin Mo.  Ed was a building contractor and supposedly built a lot of buildings in the Joplin / Neosho area.

Pender Mack Bryson moved to southern Pottawatomie Co., OK near Trousdale.  He became Ill and sent for Mary and Ed to help out with the farm.  Eventually Ed and Mary moved permanently to the farm with Pender Mack Bryson.  Pender died in 1920 and is buried in Wanette Cemetery, Wanette Ok., next to his daughter Naomi Bryson Oakley.

Parris Family

The known History of the Parris Family begins with Thomas Parris in England.  There he had at least two sons Samuel and Thomas.  Thomas was born in 1655 in England.  The family moved from England to Barbados, West Indies.

In 1680 Samuel and brother Thomas moved to Boston Mass.  Older brother apparently became a preacher and settled in Salem Ma.  He was the Reverend Samuel Parris of the Salem Witch trial fame.

Thomas Jr. moved to Pembroke Ma. And married Abigail Rogers.  They had a son named Samuel.  Samuel married Ruth Bonney.  They later moved to Louisa County, Virginia.  Ruth Bonney is a direct descendant of Henry Sampson on of the original Mayflower Pilgrims.

Thomas Jr. and Ruth had a son named Samuel.  This Samuel married Rachel Dickerson also of Lousia County, Virginia.

They had a son, David Marion Parris he married Marry "Polly" Marrow    They had a son James.

James married Amy McIntire. They had nine children, one was daughter Mary Ann Parris.  Mary Ann married Wilson Coleman Bryson.

This is the connection into the Bryson Family.

Ensley / Endsley

The Ensley family has several spellings, one spelled it Endsley however, all of his children were spelled Ensley.


George Cunningham was a Revolutionary War Veteran


Isaac Land was a Revolutionary War Veteran.  He served with the Militia of Union City, SC.  He fought in the Charleston, SC campaign.